Embrace the legacy

“When each one does a little, the few of many add up”

Irmã Dulce

Doação Internacional

Você que mora fora do Brasil também pode abraçar o legado de Santa Dulce dos Pobres.

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  1. Deposit the amount you wish to donate

    Razão Social:
    Associação Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce
    CNPJ number related to the account:
    Banco do Brasil (001)
    3429-0 (Empresarial Salvador)
    Current account:
  2. Send the bank voucher and the letter

    Enviar comprovante e carta de doação para o e-mail: marketing@irmadulce.org.br

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Help us to keep alive the Irma Dulce’s legacy

Embrace the legacy

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Donation with Tax Incentive

Your donation could help the OSID educational unit, which serves about 700 full-time children and adolescents.

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Embrace the Irmã Dulce’s legacy and help us to keep alive the “Love and Serve” mission.

Nota Premiada Bahia

Participating in the state government's tax education campaign is another way to keep the Good Angel's legacy of love and service alive.