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Awards and Certifications

Queen Sofia Award

Irmã Dulce Social Works (OSID) hosted in February 2008 in Madrid, Spain, the Rehabilitation and Integration 2007 Award « Queen Sofia », one of the most important in the world in the social area. The institution won the Ibero-American candidacy (in Portuguese and Spanish) in recognition of the Informatics Program in Special Education (INFOESP), developed at the Specialized Center for Rehabilitation (CER IV) Irmã Dulce.

Very Efficient Award

Irmã Dulce Social Works received the award, granted to the “50 best charitable and non-profit entities in Brazil” by Kanitz & Associados four times: in 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2006.

Performance Award

The Performance Award 2006, promoted by the Instituto Miguel Calmon (IMIC), chose Santo Antonio Hospital as the best entity in the medical-hospital area of Bahia. The award aims at public recognition of the excellence of the organizations honoring the companies of better performance in the various sectors of the economy

Top Social

The case "CESA - The Education for Changing Lives" won the Top Social Award 2005 offered by the Association of Directors of Marketing and Sales of Bahia (ADVB-BA), in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies (ABAP) -BA) and the Bahia Commercial Association (ACB). Top Social is the most important social responsibility award in the North / Northeast and aims to recognize and reward programs that contribute to the development of the State.

Filantropia 400

In 1999, OSID was ranked in the Filantropia 400 award as the 13th largest charity institution in Brazil. Kanitz and Associates granted the award to the 400 largest charitable entities in the country.

Volunteer of the year

In December 2001, OSID volunteer Iraci Lordelo receives the national volunteer award from Kanitz and Associates in the women's highlight category.

Clarence H. Moore

Irmã Dulce Social Works received the award, granted annually by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation - a partner entity of the Pan American Health Organization, in 1997. The international recognition is due to health services provided to the poorest sectors of the society.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 standard contains requirements for the proper functioning of the Quality Management System of organizations. The Irmã Dulce Social Works Association has been certified in the ISO 9001 standard since August 21, 2002 and from then on it is subject to annual external audits performed by independent certification bodies. These bodies attest to the organization's compliance with the requirements of the standard and issue the Certificate of Conformity. The audit cycle is three years, including a recertification audit and two monitoring audits.

Queen Leticia Award

Irmã Dulce Social Works won the Queen Leticia 2015 Award, one of the most important in the world in the social area, awarded by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Government Equality of Spain to initiatives in the area of disability rehabilitation and social inclusion. The winning project was Educational Garden, aimed at residents of the Center for Reception of the Disabled Person John Paul II (CAPD) and for patients of the Specialized Center for Rehabilitation Sister Dulce (CER IV).

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