Organization Chart

Board of Directors

General Assembly


  • Maria Rita Pontes

Administrative Council

    • Ângelo Calmon De Sá (President)
    • Dom Murilo krieger (Honorary President)
    • Emilton Moreira Rosa
    • Jardivaldo Costa Batista
    • José Joaquim Moraes de Carvalho Jr.
    • Eduardo Odebrecht Queiroz 
    • Sylvio Simões
    • Dom José Ruy Gonçalves Lopes
    • Demerval de Souza Gusmão Filho
    • Lise Weckerle
    • Cláudia de Sá Fernandes
    • Pablo V. B. Garcia Tejedo
    • João Carlos Teles

Supervisory Board

    • Manoel Castro
    • Edmilson Nunes de Pinho
    • Roberto Sá Menezes

See Also

The OSID today

One of the biggest philanthropic institutions in Brazil, with about four million outpatient visits per year to SUS users (Sistema Único de Saúde).


Legion of Angels that contributes to the “Love and Serve” mission.

Awards and Certifications

Recognition for excellence in services provided to the population.

OSID Realizations

Publication of the Social Works Irmã Dulce with the main actions and projects developed in the year.